Blake's Pedestal

Blake has adopted these two ottomans in our living room as his pedestal. He can keep a watchful eye on everything from there and from the look of him in this picture, he is doing just that. A version of Ozzie begging for his dinner from the floor next to the coffee table is in the extras.

My leg is getting better, but it's kind of a two-steps -forward, one -step- back proposition. I am growing impatient and crabby! Confined to the grounds, so to speak, I wandered around looking for an interesting macro shot in the garden but  having seen so many splendid Blipfoto macros lately, I realize I probably need a macro lens. 

Uninspired by my garden efforts, and hampered by the windy conditions, I finally settled for the dogs.

In other news: we seem to be edging ever closer to getting a hot tub. I think with our contractor David's help we can build a nice deck all the way around it, and maybe even cover up most of the ugly plastic siding with wood. There doesn't seem to be any way around the fact that the inside looks like a UFO, but it does have a cover….

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