The first winter/spring flowering camellia in the garden, a complete surprise. Mimosa jury flowered last year on 27 June so she's very early this year, just the one flower at present but many buds still to open.

Not far behind her is Cinnamon Cindy with just a couple of buds starting to unfurl. Cindy normally flowers before Mimosa jury in early June, I really can't believe how early they are this year - is this a sign that the earth is warming up, certainly feels like it with only a touch of frost so far.

Anyway a very welcome surprise on a day with a freshness in the air, bright blue sky with just a few white clouds drifting by and a slight breeze, 13C.

I had an hour or two quietly working in the garden pulling out a few weeds and just generally tidying up, quite pleased with my effort and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Thanks to Walking Wombat for hosting the maymacromayhem challenge.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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