By KirstyHalbert

Nom Nom Nom.

An update from last week's, slightly skinnier, caterpillars! I've still not got any idea what they are, but they're absolutely decimating the plants in Bethany Gardens... Luckily they're not munching their way through my flowerbeds :)

Odd day at work today, with more than half the office enjoying a long weekend. I could have taken a day off but I'm already taking tomorrow, half of Thursday and Friday off for various fun things... So a day spent tying up some loose ends (and finalising a report I've been working on since November... at last!)

Off to the gym for a run just now, and planning on a morning of cleaning tomorrow followed by a Jubilee BBQ. Fingers crossed for sun :)

EDIT! I've found out what these little caterpillars are. Spindle ermine caterpillars! They will be moths soon. If you google-image them, there are some AMAZING pictures where they've made whole trees into a massive web.

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