Beautiful roses

I spotted these beautiful roses on my way to work this morning and I took a picture of them. As today is one of my sisters' Birthday (I've got six sisters), these roses are for her!

Today I was still feeling sore from my exercise at the weekend, but I felt good. Work was busy for a Monday, but I guess it was because of the bank holiday weekend due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The weather was not too bad, with occasional sunny spells, but it wasn't raining, which is the most important thing!

Not much happening at work apart from being chatted up by a czech customer who was going back to his country tomorrow. He insisted on buying me a whisky, so I finally accepted it and I had a wee chat with him after work, but after that I went home. He wanted me to meet him later on but I politely declined his offer.

Can't wait to my holidays next week! I'll be off for two weeks from next Monday, when I'll be going to Barcelona to visit family and friends. And you know what? The day I'm supposed to come back to work after my holidays, I have to attend jury duty in the High Court, so it looks like I won't be coming back to work straight away. I suppose it will depend on how long the case takes!

Sorry I haven't had much time for comments recently, but I'll try my best this evening. Thanks very much for all your nice comments! I hope you all had a good day! :)

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