creative lenna

By creativelenna

Day 32

This is one of my fabric pieces for the 100 Day Project I'm doing. I'm up to day 34 now, so I am a bit behind with this project as well. But, what does it really matter if I keep plugging along? : o ) Always the positive thinker!! If you are interested in checking out or following my 100 days of working with fabric, visit my tumblr blog! 

I am slowly working on getting photos added to my journal here . . . and very sporadically I've been visiting some. It just feels like there is a lot going on these days for me. I am enjoying boating in the good weather and gardening too. I have been taking photos but somehow don't feel compelled to post them here every day and then of course I get behind! But I am not worried about this, simply sharing it. I think I am truly taking care of myself so I can manage to continue all the creative projects and things I want to do, not to mention family & friends. Sadly, I lost an uncle last week on Wednesday, my mother's brother. And while he was 92 and not in good health lately, it still is sad. I felt a loss - he was a good uncle. My mom is fine, I will go see her again tomorrow. His obituary is here. Thank you for listening and caring. 

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