Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

"Sucking" For Dummies

After deciding it wasn't worth the hassle of selling a couple of sets of collectors plates I bought in the 1980's, I dropped them off at the local St Davids Hospice charity shop. I have a card which allows them to claim back the tax on selling, so even more money raised. My wife likes to take things to The British Heart Foundation as her mum died from a heart attack, and I prefer The Hospice or Cancer charity due to my younger brother. If you've anything they can make use of, then drop it off and put it to good use!

I like to vary the type of photography I do. Probably the hardest genre is 'Street Shooting'. It's easy to take photo's on a street but getting one that tells a story or is interesting isn't that easy. Some days I will get nothing I deem worthy and the files sit on the hard drive. As I hadn't done a street shoot for a couple of weeks I hit the local streets of the City of Newport.

The blip photo is of a man looking into the window of a book shop which has displayed "Dummies" books on different subjects. It just amused me that he was sucking his thumb like a dummy!

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