Nature's Splendour

No matter how many times I walk through Dennistoun Bush, I always see something new. It's a microcosm of the New Zealand bush; majestic trees, rich green ferns, strange and intruiging fungi, and of course, birds, birds and more birds.

Today I stopped in front of this huge totara for the first time. I've walked past it many a time now, giving it a casual glance, admiring the scale and its ancient, time hewn features. It's not the biggest tree in the bush, not as obvious (weird considering its mass) as others, maybe because it's on the path but has other trees around it. But today I stood there, really looking at it for the first time. And I felt humbled by its presence.

This tree, like so many in Dennistoun is hundreds of years old. And it's probably not even in its middle age yet. It will stand here, if allowed, for over a millenium. It will see great changes, and will remain constant.

As I was stuck contemplating this, I was brought back to the present by piwakawaka here; the fantail landed on the trunk, flying away to return several times - its restlessness a sharp contrast to the silent vigil of the totara.

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