creative lenna

By creativelenna

caught in the act!

This is another one of those in-camera double exposures I have been fooling around with. (Olympus OM-D E-M10) This particular one is not as successful as the first time I tried it, but I still like it and am sharing it. This features 2 images of our kitten Lighting, almost 1 year, and our pup Asia,  who is now 14 . One photo is of Lightning trying to pat Asia's leg as she walks by and the other photo is of just the kitten sitting after all passing and patting had stopped. : 0)

I did bring this into the Google+ photo editor to beef it up a bit as the saturation was a lot less - too little for enough contrast I thought. Anyway, I'm just playing around and more practice is needed, but it's fun! Somehow I am a whole week behind in uploading photos here so I'm trying to work on that a bit tonight. I almost feel like I should take a break from blip because I am not participating very much, but something is convincing me to just keep at this, at my own pace. So here I am - for now! This is my 1,390th entry! 

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