Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Arch bridge in Leatherhead

We survived the night with Adam and his one point early in the evening before his other male friends arrived he was the only male with about seven girls...not a bad situation for a young man to be in! They ended up spending most of the evening at our house enjoying drinks in Gavin's bar (wonder why?!), with only a short visit to the music festival at the pub down the road. It was all pretty civilised with most of them going home at about midnight and only three people staying over. Now it is back to studying for Adam....

It has been a rather quiet bank holiday weekend, so when Gavin went out to get the car washed I asked him to drive via Leatherhead so I could get some photos of this beautiful bridge. It is a 14 arch medieval bridge that spans the River Mole. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1784 by the county surveyor and is now a Grade II listed bridge.

Luke has worked all weekend but is home tonight and we will watch the final episodes of The Following.

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