By HaxSyn

Whisky Stramash

The Whisky Stramash is an annual event that started 4 years ago and always good fun, I missed it last year so this was my third visit. It's held in the Surgeons' Hall in both the old building as well as the new building. This image was taken in one of the rooms in the old building. It's good fun, there are a lot of distilleries there, as well as a couple other Whisky related companies, and they are happy to talk about their whiskies and give you a small sample. It was very busy and hot, so it was difficult to take pictures. I had my jacket in one hand and my Whisky glass in the other so no free hand to take many photos, this also meant I couldn't really keep track of which whiskies I sampled (I'll have to bear that in mind next year), I believe I sampled about 16 different whiskies, so I was a little inebriated by the end! It's a good event and if you like Whisky I'd recommend it to anyone planning on being town next May.

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