Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

Morning on Sumner Beach

As Daring2Go mentioned on her journal, I've been up in Christchurch staying with her in Sumner whilst Mrs H is in hospital this week.

I got the call down the hallway at 7.15am that my host was heading down to the beach, so we grabbed our cameras and went to check out the daybreak.

The tide was coming in, whipped up by the onshore breeze, which in turn was creating some pretty impressive seas. As I retreated to the safety of the rocks on the break water, this keen jogger appeared out of stage left, ran along the beach a little, and then dipped himself in the ocean. Meanwhile I was wrapped up in hoody, swandri, beany etc, on account of it being around 6ºC. They obviously breed them tough here in the beach suburbs of Christchurch.

As J said on her journal, it's the battle of the mirrorless from the beach this morning, and here's the Fujifilm X100S in action. I only had a fixed focal length (35mm equivalent) so they'll be no zooming from me!

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