Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

Rinse and Repeat

Another morning stroll on Sumner beach with Daring2Go this morning, and what do you know, the dipper - surely the keenest beachgoer in Canterbury - was also there, running across the sands and then immersing himself amongst the breakers. Mad I tell you, mad. It was cold again - not as fine as yesterday either - and the last thing I'd be wanting to do was dunking myself into the cold sea, health benefits or not!

Daring2Go has got another view over on her blog - she's got him coming out as I've got him going in.

Mrs H is making good progress. I'm back at home in The Forest now, but I'll be heading back to collect her on Friday. I know she'll be pleased to be back. Thanks to those who passed on the well wishes.

There'll be no early morning swim blip tomorrow. Well, not unless I lose my senses and decide to brave the Rangitata (and let's face it, noone want to see that).

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