Tutto bene

By Blackdrake


Emergency Garden Blip
This Azalea popped out in all their glory while I was away at the weekend.

I am enjoying the luxury of typing now whilst I still can!
Today I started on the kitchen ceiling, a massive job, made all the more laborious because it is a ceiling! At the moment it is fairly hideous, badly put up tongue and groove pine, it's dark, dingy and horrid.  The kitchen has a glass door and 3 huge windows but it's still dark.  So it has to be painted, in lieu of actually ripping the whole lot off.  The thought of sanding a ceiling is just not worth thinking about so I've discovered some rather nifty primer which will adhere to almost anything without sanding.  Today I started by washing the ceiling with sugar soap, oooh my arms! I'm only half way through, I'm just building up the courage to go back and finish the job tonight.  If I do then tomorrow I should be able to start painting the shellac primer on, if I can move my arms!  Longing for my Manhattan sized kitchen from our flat, we now have a big kitchen/diner...at least we don't have the 3m high ceilings in the kitchen though - phew! (as in small kitchen, not the size of Manhattan!)

I've been trying to catch up with all the journals I've been missing out on of late, sorry I've been rubbish!


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