Tales of the Riverbank

The bridge that spans part of the river and its opposite sides, part of Wide Angle Wednesday hosted by Chantler63 :)

A completely rubbish day at work yesterday has fueled my desire to get out and stay out of that place and I'm spending many hours hunting through web pages looking for and applying for other jobs daily...  so taking time out and walking by the river is very much needed these mornings before I start the day...

In other news I'm saddened to hear that SarumStroller is now only going to be posting occasionally (and has turned his comments off).  So if you're reading this Tim, thanks for everything you've taught me and especially for that Sunday in Salisbury when you showed me round the Cathedral.  Best wishes for the future.

Apologies once again for lack of commenting; I'm continuing on my phased return to work....

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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