The Way I See Things



Who'd have thought??

When I started this journey a year ago, all I was trying to do was to make myself use the camera every day, in the hope that I would thereby become a better photographer. When I look back at some of my first posts I think I have improved, which is nice - but then, back in the early days the process of taking the shot was more important than the end result, because almost no-one other than CH and me looked at what I posted. It was only when you lovely blippers started to subscribe to my journal that I started to feel the need to try to take good shots, or at least interesting ones, so you didn't get bored and drift away.

So, without going into full-blown Oscar acceptance mode, I'd like to thank you guys - for your friendship, your interest and your unfailing niceness, as well as for the advice and constructive criticism you've given me on occasion. Those whose journals I follow get an extra vote of thanks for providing me with much pleasure, and for all the ideas I've stolen and settings I've cribbed along the way.

Finally I must mention CH, who has been almost unfailingly supportive of all this photography nonsense, though there have been times when I knew it was driving him nuts. He's long since stopped asking me when I'll be getting to the end of the 365, because he understands that this has become a part of who I am - looking for things that interest me and trying to get the best images I can of those things is satisfying and enriching, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. He also looks at things with a different eye now, and regularly suggests subjects or ideas to me that I might not have noticed or thought of myself. And before going to work this morning, while I was still asleep, he put a bottle of fizz in the fridge so that we can raise a glass to my 365 this evening - what a lovely blipspouse he is! In fact I think it's time I stopped the joke of referring to him as Current Husband, because he's clearly a keeper - from now on he can use his own initial, which is R.

I'd better go now, before I come over all Halle Berry - she has the knack of sobbing photogenically, but whenever I weep it seems to involve puffy eyes, blotchiness and snot.

Thank you!

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