Tutto bene

By Blackdrake

Lazy Cow!

Poor thing, sleeping in the pissing rain, in a field and not even a band playing.
Dropped E off at Mugdock Country Park for a Brownies thing.  Good old Heilan' Coos to the rescue today.
Took Mum to the auction to pick up stuff she'd bought, bought more primer, sorted Viber for Mum on her phone, collected kids - blah blah.
Since E was getting picked up and brought home by one of the other parents and I hadn't managed any decorating today, I finally donned the overalls at half 7 in the pm and got up the ladders.
All was going well (you know where this is going don't you?), I only had a tiny bit left to do (it's so inevitable), and then ...kersplat! paint tin, tips off the ladders and bounces down to the floor.  Not the bit of lino we're chucking, not the bit of lino which I'd sensibly covered - oh no - it made a bit splatty mess all down the ladders, all over the floor and on the cupboard doors - heavy, sweary sigh! Of course, it's not water based paint, nope - it's the full on proper stuff which only Meths with clean up - I smell like a jakey now, (Jakey = old alcoholic tramp dude). I'm probably pissed on the fumes too!
On a positive note, I decided against using the new, full 2.5l tin of paint and had sensibly transferred some to the smaller tin, and I was almost done so although it looked like loads, not very much was wasted.  Still, majorly fecking annoying!

Tomorrow is Friday, for everyone YAY!!!


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