mm70: Sharp

This is my entry for the Mono Monday challenge: 'Sharp', kindly hosted by JDO this month.

A largely overcast day today and a lots to get done so, rather than going for a long walk, I decided to do a study of the tight curls of the ancient pampas grass in the garden. The pampas grass has lived here longer than I have (which is already a very long time!) and, in an attempt to tame it a little, it was cut right back last year. The leaves have now dried out, leaving tight curls with razor sharp edges. In fact, the new growth can give a mean cut, too!

Very many thanks for the great comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's Mine! This one's mine!!! black-headed gull blip - glad his in flight antics made you smile! :)) He has just crept into page one of 'Popular', which has made me smile! :)) You may like to pop back and take a look at him, if you missed him :)

Day 65 of Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS,  making the most of the daylight by only blipping outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

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