Sharp Pencil

Needing a blip for the mono Monday theme of SHARP, this was the excuse to try out a shot I read about ages ago but have not got round to doing.  It involves sharpening and breaking several times a coloured pencil to get enough 'shrapnel' which is then gently blown whilst taking the shot. Strictly speaking the pencil should look broken but that wouldn't fit in with the theme so I left it sharp. 

Today's weather also justified an indoor blip as it doesn't feel very June-like with the wind and the rain..

I have at last made my claim on my travel insurance for the flight I missed in Singapore due to the delayed flight from UK.  From conversations I have had already, I think I will get almost all the money back which will help to offset the cost of the new flight I then had to buy to get me from Singapore to Australia. Fingers crossed.

Now the dog could do with a leg stretch and it's raining....dilemma!

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