Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Did you SEE that???

I'm not sure what kind of damsel this is, but it is very common and prevalent in our yard every summer.  Perfect subject for my macro lens and the D600 as close up is really the only way to appreciate this rather drab little damsel.  Gotta love those eyes!

It was a bountiful day ... starting with a great phone call with my parents, then a quick call to my Mother-in-law, then the rest of the day in the yard!  I did a bit of weed-whacking until my arms and hands got too tired, which was about the same time as I was distracted by many interesting insects, swallows, bluebirds, waxwings, hummers and chippies.  Yep, they were all here today!  

Progress seems to be continuing on the swallow nest with Mrs spending quite a bit of time inside the box this morning, apparently getting things just the way she likes them.  The box they are using has a side panel with a viewing window so I can keep track of the nest without disturbing anything.   And because the brilliant blue swallows aren't dazzling enough, a male bluebird was around much of the afternoon checking out two of the other nest boxes.  Definitely late for a first brood, so he must be checking things out for the second brood.  I'll be watching to see if he brings Mrs around for a look.  Of course, Papa Wren is going out of his mind between the bluebird and the swallows and is redoubling his singing efforts.  I do so hope he finds a new mate, poor little guy.

I've shown remarkable restraint by only posting 4 pics on Flickr, starting HERE with a fantastic little beetle and followed by a miniscule bee, a waxwing and a bluebird.  Enjoy!

Got a couple of steaks to grill tonight - we haven't had meat for awhile, so seemed like a nice treat.  I've got a nice little bottle of Cotes d'Rhone just screaming to be consumed and some nice fresh pineapple for dessert.  

Hope your weekends were good.  

My special thoughts today are with Biker Bear whose mum is very, very ill and could use all the prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy we can send her way.  

Be well...

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