Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Interesting fact about ruby-throated hummingbirds...their legs are too short to allow them to walk or even hop.  Thus, they either perch, as seen here, or they fly.  When they perch in trees, they are nearly impossible to see, so closely do their green backs resemble the leaves.  And when they are in shard, the gorget appears black rather than red.  

The hummers here are still fairly illusive, just coming in for short visits to the feeders before zooming off.  The females will all still be on nests right now while the males aren't yet into their pre-migration feeding frenzy.  So, while they aren't yet buzzing around the yard in large numbers, it is still quite common to look up and see P-Hummie or his rival perched somewhere in the yard offering a good vantage point to keep track of the feeders.  

Okay, so clearly you people are just as besotted with chipmunks as I am!  Speed Racer is sitting handily on the "popular" page at the moment, in some very good company.  Thank you for sending him there.  I've rewarded everyone with peanuts today.

I am happy to report that the swallows were back this morning - Mrs gathering grass for the nest and Mr supervising.  Hubs and I went out this afternoon and got a predator guard for that nest box - to keep things out and hopefully keep eggs/babies safe.  In other nesting news, it looks like at lest 2 of the catbird pairs are feeding babies as I see the parents busy gathering insects and flying off into the thickets.  And a batch of fledgling house finches visited briefly today, all clamouring for attention and food.  

In the garden... the phlox is now 4 feet tall but still no buds.  The bee balm is right behind it, at about 3 feet.  The echinacea is all about to bloom.  And the larger buddliea is showing its very first buds.  In another few weeks, my garden will be a profusion of color...

Hubs and I are headed out to dinner tonight - cook's night off!  Today was errands and working in the yard, enjoyable time together.

I posted two shots on Flickr starting HERE - a beautiful banded beetle and a dainty damsel.  

Hope your weekend is spectacular!

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