Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Those awkward pre-teen years...

I was afraid I'd missed the goslings this year --- and I almost did. They are all approaching those awkward pre-teen years with a few scruffy pin feathers and down in disarray. However, this group (a combined brood from two Canada Goose pairs) still numbers around 15 which is very good. The parents have them in a small pond, too small for snapping turtles (who, unfortunately, love to prey on little goslings).

This one seemed to be fascinated by me and kept trying to approach me. I kept backing up, not wanting to provoke an attack by the parents - if you've ever been on the receiving end of goose aggression, it's not something you'd want to repeat! However, apparently as I was backing up, I got too near the reeds where a red-winged blackbird had a nest and suddenly I was being dive-bombed by the male. That will get your attention! I beat a hasty retreat.

I managed to get some good shots of the red-wings and a few more shots of the goslings, six photos on Flickr, starting HERE.

Hubs is making his way to St. Petersburg today with an ETA of about 9:30 tonight. It's a long day's drive from Alabama, about 11 hours. I know he'll be beat when he arrives. Hopefully the keys to the condo will be waiting as promised by the owner. He'll have the next few days to settle in before starting work on Monday. As for me, two of my girlfriends are coming out this weekend to keep me company.

Happy Friday, people!


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