Etretat en Normandie

Bright and breezy. At the Chunnel for the 0720 but due to overnight maintenance we didn't get away until 0825. Made good time down to Fecamp for lunch and then a blow along the coast at Etretat, and I mean blow. It's as windy here in France as at home.

I am not a sat nav person as I LOVE maps but thought it would be useful for finding our hotels en route. Yes, the built in sat nav covers the whole of Europe JJ insists, but doesn't check. It doesn't of course. I was so pleased (smug and relieved) I had purchased a detailed map of Normandy at the Chunnel, it proved invaluable today and hopefully for the next few days.

Staying in Deauville for two nights (balcony, no view) but a decent room, and exploring on foot tomorrow. Car parked up and not going anywhere, hurrah!

Thank you very much for sticking with me and awarding stars and the odd heart, it's much appreciated.

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