What did I see today...?

By DaveR


Taken from the goal-line before the white team turned it around and started charging back toward me!

Yes, for the first time in three attempts I actually remembered to do some footy pics while I was playing after work and of the two that were in focus (again due to a rapid switch in play!) this was the better.

You can probably tell from the shot that it's not a seriously competitive game we're playing, but it is good exercise - particularly when you introduce a random element like me into the game - it's less skill, more enthusiasm, and occasional blinding luck. My "move of the day" was nutmegging Gav through looking like I was about to slip over (we had a lovely shower early on) and then regaining my balance unexpectedly!

The weather was actually perfect for footy, though we could have done with a slightly dryer playing surface as the ball zipped quite a way when missed and several people went over due to sliding while turning - I had an epic keeper slide myself at one point.

Next Wednesday there's a plan for more followed by a trip to the pub to watch Germany vs the Netherlands in the Euros - should be a quality afternoon!

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