Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

My New Office? ....Probably.

This is the courtyard belonging to the Visit Carlsberg section of the brewery and where I went for a chat about being their photographer for the next few months. It is only a back-to-work scheme paid for by the government, who want to help me back to work after my accident. As I have never earned my living as a photographer, being able to choose my own position, with a company with a big name and who could use a full time photographer seems like a good way to start a career. They are not able employee me after the 3-4 month trial but I would be able to put a rather good name on my CV/profile. 

They are confident in my photography from what they have seen (blips) and they have enough work to get me up to full time (which is their only real commitment to the program). Their only concern was about the rights of work produced while I'm "employed" by, ....but not paid by them. I, .....obviously, want to make the most of this opportunity without pissing them off but want to have some future control over my work. They have asked me to give a bullet pointed contract that will cover this problem to both our satisfaction. 

This is what I have come up with so far:

 - All work produced will be for the use of Carlsberg in the promoting of their businesses in print or digital form (or any other media), with no time limit. Work may also be used for the external promotion of Carlsberg, for example press releases, presentation work and external communications (but not external advertising agencies?!?).
- Carlsberg may not sell or profit from my work in any way without express agreement in advance. [This includes but not exclusive to; postcards, posters or other sellable printed material. It also includes reselling digital material in any form.]

 - I will not sell any work digitally but reserve the right to sell printed work. I may use all work produced for promoting myself in any format; digital, print or other forms of media.

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Back of the office in the extra.

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