Minty Fresh

I went to Amwell Nature Reserve this afternoon for the first time in ages. There's an area called The Dragonfly Trail that is only open from May until September. I've missed the mayflies and the beauty of the orchids. :(

I had the place to myself at first. A Cetti's warbler was shouting from deep in bush and I managed my first ever pic of one. It really is a boring-looking LBJ.

A couple arrived and I was able to point out figwort weevils and mullein moth caterpillars to them. A foreign-sounding pair were marvelling at the 'water-roses', I showed them the pics I had taken of a longhorn moth and a cardinal beetle. A little boy was fascinated when I pointed out a tiny grasshopper nymph to him. His parents were grateful.

Sadly no dragonflies on the wing today. As I stomped through the undergrowth searching the smell of water mint filled the air. Plenty of mint beetles around. :)

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