However we look at something, there is always another "angle" - and often changing our position or stance can make all the difference.

I have been neglecting not only my plants in the garden - because I cannot do as much out there  - but also my quiet times - so this morning, I sat quietly "icing" my leg, resting and being still.

I listened to a prayer which I believe was just for me from God:

"YOU are mine. 
I am committed to your wellbeing.
There is a plan -
You will NOT miss it."

So from the angle of being upset and downhearted yesterday, I changed my stance to being quiet and still and heard God's voice speaking to me.  In all that I am going through, He has a plan and tells me I will not miss it!

I then went out into the garden and saw the angle of this plant support - I have said before that as our fence came down earlier in the year, the clematis and yesterday's rose seem to have bloomed like never before.

Perhaps that is what will happen to me!  I hope so.

Don’t worry about anything; 
     instead, pray about everything; 
          tell God your needs, 
               and don’t forget to thank him 
                    for his answers. 
If you do this, 
     you will experience God’s peace, 
          which is far more wonderful 
               than the human mind can understand. 
His peace will keep your thoughts 
     and your hearts quiet 
          and at rest 
               as you trust in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4 : 6-7
The Living Bible

The extra photograph is the same one but in colour.

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