Waterlilly @ Meinbrexen

Ah..This is really reliefing! I stood down at the waterfront of Meinbrexen Waters. Willemien and Mischa were still behind, half hidden in the high grass. In search for the many Wonders, the Damselflies, the Grasshoppers, Funny Snout Beetles and many Others. My Lumix is not so smart in meeting these small creatures. Therefore I have to prefer the broader landscape outlook. Which gives me the opportunity to open up towards&into the skywide infinite.

You could deeply inhale the fresh airs coming in from over the wide surface of the water. It had been a long time since we came down here. And I loved to see and hear the Cormorants sitting on the dead braches low over the rippling waters. Coots, geese and ducks were drifting and crossing this deep “gravel-pit”, gaggling and honking. Concerto!

Such a relief after the many hot afternoons staying in the shadow: it is comparable to a visit at the seaside. There too is a very roomy, wide space over the waters, opening at this quiet corner of the rivervalley. The train crosses the rosty bridge. The sky opens in all directions. While I was looking for a place to swim, eventually, I found something quite different. Waterlillies! In many colors. From Yellow to Rosa. A Surprise coming up from beyond space and time in this here and now.

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