My Life in Pictures

By PhillyStitcher


It's not technically summer yet, but it's already deep into the hot and humid weather.

Made to 25 miles of the "100 Miles of Summer" challenge. I lost 7 pounds as well.

Not fun being retired. I miss the structureness of a working day. Getting up in the morning, taking a bus to work, having lunch out with co-workers, and the productive feeling of working on a deadline. Miss, miss, miss it. Darn the agency for deciding to downsize and relocate to another city to save bucks. 

Now my personal information at work has been compromised in a Chinese hacking incident. Not a very nice feeling to be violated, but have taken steps to protect my identity.

One of the worst parts of being retired is that I'm reading a lot less books. When I was still employed, I could read up to 100 books a year, but this year, so far, I've read about 10. And the needlepoint project that I was working on during my lunch hour (when I wasn't eating out), it's been ignored since retirement day. :-((

Well, I got to stop being despondent and get moving!

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