My Life in Pictures

By PhillyStitcher


Holly receiving thermal laser therapy for her arthritis. 

She's 11, will be 12 in December. I don't know she's living on borrowed time, but she's now limping 100% and can hardly climb the steps anymore. I asked for another evaluation such as her meds, physical therapy, etc. and Holly will see a specialist tomorrow.  

I can't believe how time flies. Seems like yesterday that we adopted Holly, but that was 10 years ago last April. The first night she was with us, she was so homesick for her playmates that she crawled onto my lap and cried for 15 minutes.

She must have found my lap comfortable, because she was on my lap every day for years. Until one day, about two years ago, I noticed she wasn't anymore, we also noticed that she seemed to walk stiffly. Had her checked out and she was starting to have arthritis. Apparently, it's common with Dalmatians. 

Seeing Holly grow old before our eyes sucks.

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