Binky Bunzini

The other day, I introduced you to the Micro Bunzinis, the offspring of our dear wild friend, Mini Bunzini. (See the extra photos area of my June 17 blip for the very first baby bunny photo.) We saw two tiny bunnies that time. On this day, I just saw one.

This one has mad binky skills (a binky is a crazy hop made by a happy rabbit), and so it has received the name Binky Bunzini. It has Mini Bunzini's winning personality, and it spends most of its time nibbling grass and clover along and under the hedge in our yard.

In more troubling news, Mini Bunzini has not been seen in our yard since Monday late afternoon. She has never stayed away as long as this before. And while we hope for the best, we fear for the worst. Sometimes it's rough when you care for wild creatures. You can love them but you cannot protect them. When they disappear, sometimes you do not ever learn why.

It's very strange that Mini Bunzini would disappear on the same day that she first introduced us to her offspring. I shake my head to think of it: it was almost as though she had been grooming a replacement, or maybe waiting to entrust them into our care. But we still hold out hope for her return . . . even as we marvel at the great circle of life.

The soundtrack: Elton John, Circle of Life.

P.S. Just for fun, let's have a look back at the very first photo I ever posted of Mini Bunzini, when she was just this age. Do you notice a family resemblance?  :-)

P.P.S Popping in later for a quick update. Mini Bunzini showed up for a brief hello on the morning of July 1, so she is still alive, hooray! We suspect she may have a nest of babies in a neighbor's yard.

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