Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A forest garden

Glen Kin, outside Dunoon, is used for pretty intensive forestry, so the landscape keeps changing, slowly but noticeably if you live in the area. The track we were on this afternoon used to be overshadowed and hemmed in by tall trees, and the change when they were harvested was enormous as views opened out and the shape of the glen became apparent. 

Now the area destroyed by the harvesting - it leaves a hillside looking like The Somme battlefield - has been replanted and has greened over. This afternoon it this bit looked like a garden, with the row of tiny, pliant conifers standing in a row next to the tall non-conifer that survived the harvest and a baby rhododendron of the variety that is currently being expunged from the countryside in colourful bloom in the foreground.

We walked for an hour and forty minutes and were rained on only for four minutes. And there was more sun than I'd ever expected ...

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