Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Exam day smile

Father's day so Will woke us to tell us he was going to give us a lie in! He then pootled off to build himself a train track. We had a brunch of sausage sandwiches after church and before Minnie's ballet exam.

She gave me most of her butterflies before she lined up to enter the exam room, however the examiner stopped for tea (and I am guessing a toilet stop) so they were waiting a longer than normal time. The butterflies apparently built up again so she gave them to Miss Jenny, who happily accepted!

We had a celebratory hot chocolate with cream after and Carys impressed me (again) with her maturity as I told her news about something she had hoped for but hadn't worked out. Her attitude was work harder and try again next time. I love this girl.

We wandered home up Windmill Hill (at Carys's request) and through the ginnels. The rest of the afternoon was a combination of Will playing outside, Carys's upstairs, watching sport on the telly, Will helping Carys make a loomband bracelet for him and a nice family tea.

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