Selfie with Rumi @ the Lookout

It didn't take long until I put the fisheye back on the camera...there was some more experimenting to do with's been fun.
Today I tried some Long Exposures...and a couple of selfies.
I think next time I would like to try moving water rather than just clouds.....(without me in it...hahahahaha)........BTW this is not a long exposure.

It was lovely being up at the lookout today......just Rumi and the sun started to set looking over the valley I could see the lights starting to go on and smoke rising from the houses as some were lighting fires against the chill evening.
It was a brief and shy sunset tonight...gentle pastel delicate that it is hard to capture and do it I posted a selfie with the little boy who weighs half of what he should.

“Soon we were downloading ourselves
into laptops, phones or pads, freer
than we had hoped,

floating centrifugally across the Internet
to swim alongside forgotten
selfies, spam emails and porn”
Cyril Wong

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