Pink Bicycle Girl

By angelahen

Breakfast, lunch and tea!

My heart broke this morning when I drew the curtains and saw this hedgehog dead in the road. I am sure it is the same one I saw wondering round a neighbours garden a few nights ago. Every time I looked out the window whilst eating my toast and marmalade and saw him there. How sad.

Then a seagull flew in and had a swipe at the fresh carcase. My mind immediately thought of blip. How macabre!! Spent all day stalking seagulls, getting strange looks by passers by. Settled on this one which is almost a look of 'hands off it's mine!'

It is very sad but I suppose that this is the way nature is. Sorry Mr/Mrs Hedgehog.

It did take me quite a while to decide to use this picture, I had a backup one of Tallulah.

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