.....well almost!  Myla was with her grandparents when we went to our usual coffee shop at The Old Bank this morning and was turning and twirling in front of the mirror on one of the pillars and was really enjoying it. 

She looked so cute that I asked if I could take her photograph - I didn't want to show her face (although I have now got permission from her mother to use this for my Blip today) - but she didn't quite understand why I wanted to take a photograph but was asking her to look away!

Myla then left with Grandma to go to ballet, but of course, she would need to change her footwear - one can hardly be a ballet dancer wearing sandals - but I could be wrong - if you believe you can in your head, then I'm sure you can!

“I believe that we learn by practice. 
     Whether it means to learn to dance 
          by practising dancing 
or to learn to live 
     by practising living, 
          the principles are the same. 
In each, it is the performance 
     of a dedicated precise set of acts, 
          physical or intellectual, 
from which comes shape of achievement, 
     a sense of one's being, 
          a satisfaction of spirit. 
One becomes, in some area, 
     an athlete of God. 
Practice means to perform, 
     over and over again 
          in the face of all obstacles, 
               some act of vision, 
                    of faith, 
                         of desire. 
Practice is a means 
     of inviting the perfection desired.” 
Martha Graham

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