Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Not quite Nadal....

We thoroughly enjoyed the ball last night. We did not even dance and I only had one glass of bubbly (as I was driving home) but the evening seemed to fly by - we left shortly before 1am and when we got home at 1.40am Luke was not home yet from work so of course I was instantly worried as he was due to finish at midnight. However, all was well, the club was hosting a summer ball for a local school and it apparently it took ages to clean up afterwards so Luke only got home just after 2am.

We were rather tired this morning - actually I was pretty knackered as I am not used to late nights! When I finally went down stairs I noticed that Murdoch seemed very listless and was not his usual self, and when I looked closely I noticed a type of weeping cyst on the corner of his eye, that had just sprung up out of nowhere. It looked very painful and I was worried about the infection so we took him to an after hours vet who said it was indeed a cyst and we have been given ointment to put on it three times a day.

Somehow Gavin found the energy to play tennis with Luke this afternoon - here we have Luke, and the extra shot is of his (old!) dad trying to keep up.

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