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Bowood 2015 #31: Antiques Roadshow (25 June 2015)

I made a point of going to Bowood on Thursday as I knew the Antiques Roadshow was being recorded there and I hoped to be able to overlook it from the Gardens, as I had with the recent Annual Dog Show and Summer Fair.

It turned out that although visitors to the recording were being directed to the Event car park, leading to the Event Field, the staircase from the field to the Gardens was open, allowing free entry to all (Bowood House itself was closed for the day).

Although there was a Tea Tent and essential police and ambulance services in the field, it was mostly being used for groups of people picnicking and just enjoying the sunshine with the fabulous views. In the Garden Terraces there were tables with parasols placed throughout, each with a seated specialist antiques expert and lines of people with items for inspection.

I hunted down Fiona Bruce who was being filmed choosing the most and least valuable of some items, with advice from the crowds. It was an ideal opportunity for my superzoom bridge camera as I couldn't get very close, and my blip was actually taken with a 950 mm equivalent focal length and not cropped. I heard several ladies remarking how attractive she was, and she seemed to be exactly as charismatic as she comes across to be on television.

Because there was access to the Event Field there was an opportunity not usually available to me to explore it. It is a large field which goes as far as the Lake, just east of the boat house which marks the edge of the area reachable within the grounds, and I was able to follow the perimeter of the field, two sides of which were beside the lake, getting shots from unique vantage points.

When I had completed my tour of the field, I returned to the gardens and wandered among the various tables where experts were evaluating small treasures and got shots of some of them, including Henry Sandon and Andy McConnell (shown in the Extra). It was all very relaxed and English and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I hope I got a flavour of it in the album of pictures I took, as well as the landscape shots by the Lake I have included.

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