New day - new beginnings

By gudnypalina

Travelling ...

A dirty windshield and many cars on the road are rather typical when driving in Iceland these days. Well, maybe not anywhere in Iceland, but at least when driving on Route 1 (the main road around Iceland). 

We decided to go and visit my in laws, and today, after my husband finished his work day, we drove to Reykjavík. The weather was unusually good, and the sun shone all the way from Akureyri to Reykjavík (about 5 hours drive), which is highly unusual. The temperature was more varied though, at it's coldest it was 10°C and at it's warmest it was 23°C. 

We arrived in Reykjavík around dinner time, and my mother in law was very happy to see us. My father in law wasn't at the nursing home when we arrived, as his son Hjörtur had taken him out for a ride in the car. When they turned up, they were both very pleased with this little "outing" and my father in law was also happy to see us. In the evening we visited my husband's other brother, Guðjón, and his wife Edda. As we arrived just after dinner, we were lucky and got the leftovers :)

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