New day - new beginnings

By gudnypalina

The end of a good day

(Backblipping .. ) 
We slept unusually late, and took it rather easy when we woke up. Had some breakfast and then we ento on a little sofa-searching tour. That didn't go very well, as many of the furniture shops were closed on a Saturday. 
We then drove to Keflavík and visited my mother who was not at home when we arrived. We noticed her, walking so fast with the help of her rollator, on her way to the nearest supermarket (ca 500 mtr). It's truly remarkable how good she has recovered after last years broken hips, surgeries etc. 
We had some coffee and cake at my mother's place, and then drove back to Reykjavík, and visited my parents in law. 
In the evening we went out to dinner at an excellent Indian food restaurant (Austur Indíafjelagið), and then just relaxed afterwards, watching something on the tele. 

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