By NickyH

Day 160

What an amazing day!

I had to work this morning unfortunately, but I closed up early, dashed home and got changed, deposited H at Granny and Grandpa's for the night and Matt and I headed for Manchester!

We started off having cocktails at a few of our favourite bars in the Northen Quarter, grabbed a bite to eat and then the fun really began when we reached the Etihad stadium for the night we've been waiting for since last year - Coldpay!

The atmosphere was fantastic - everyone was really friendly and happy, the support act Robyn was good, but what we were all waiting rather impatiently for was Coldplay. Then they came on. What can I say? Fireworks, confetti explosions, strobe lights, a sea of flashing wristbands throughout the crowd, inftable confetti-filled balls floating around everywhere - and that was just to kick the concert off!

They were just amazing. The concert flew by. They even disappeared off stage and came down to another stage in the centre of the pitch area to do a few numbers at one point, which meant we were really close! Hence the nice clear shot of them all together. It was also a good test of my new p&s camera! It didn't disappoint.

I was completely torn between these 3 pictures as to which one to blip, then one of my lovely friends in a facebook photography group I'm in suggested a collage of the 3 - problem solved!

A truly fantastic evening that will remember for many years.

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