Hawk Eye.

J dropped me at the gym this morning, and as it was about 11.50 am when I came out, I walked into the fields, and sat on a bench for the minutes  silence , to remember the dead in Tunisia. I then walked on up to the  church for a cup of tea. While we all having a chat, a  man walked in, and asked if he could bring his wife in for a minute, as she had just had some bad news.  There is a doctors surgery opposite the church, and we  do get quite a few people come in just to sit quietly. They sat down in the corner, and we could hear her crying. After a few minutes Kevin thought we should ask them if they would like a cup of tea. He asked me if I would go and ask them. I did, but they politely declined. I told them to stay as long as they wanted. They didn't stay much longer, and he thanked us on his way out.  At times like that, you just feel so helpless. I  left not long after, and caught the bus home. I can't stop thinking of that poor woman, and what she is going through.  I didn't take photos while I was in town, so i didn't know what I was going to blip today. I went into the bedroom to change, and when I looked out the window, I saw this Sparrowhawk on our fence. I shouted to J to grab the camera, and he managed to catch him before he flew away. Luckily he didn't catch any of "my" birds.  Hope you all have a good weekend.

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