Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Ramadan decs

Wow. This weekend couldn't have come sooner! It has been such a mad hectic week, I really just need to STOP. The high humidity at the moment makes things worse.

Got picked up by G and we called round to some some of our favourite delicious samosas before coming back to our precinct for G to pick up a friend (TA from school) who was coming to visit. She didn't stay long and we dropped her off to her home, before calling in here at Wafi for me to get a pair of new shoes - YAY! So thrilled, I wore them out to the Iftar I'd organised to have a catch up with friend Miriam and her mum.

The meal was at the Sheraton on the other side of town. The food was fantastic as was our evening. Sadly, like Christmas, Ramadan has been hijacked by businesses and commercialised to the point it has really lost its meaning as to what it's all about. Iftars here are now being followed immediately by Suhoor which is the pre-dawn meal which you eat before you start your fast; except Suhoors finish around 2am. Yup... go figure. It meant you can't stay chatting, although I have to say, the very kind staff in the restaurant didn't kick us out or hurry us along either.

Home and I really was too tired to think of anything but going to bed, despite it being only 10pm.

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