A cracked rib - or not?!!

Yesterday evening Ann took me and Ozzy, my very gorgeous golden retriever boyfriend, for an extra walk to see the sunset.  The sunset was beautiful but do you know what happened?....... Ann had just let us off our leads, when she tripped and went crashing to the ground.  For a few seconds she just lay there wondering if she were dead?  There were loads of people around and no one came to help her.  Then she got up, limped to a bench and sat there for 10 mins wondering how we were going to get home.  Well there wasn’t really an option.  We had to go home the same way that we’d come; which was walk.

As soon as we got home Ann went to bed but she didn’t sleep because she was in so much pain.  And then this morning she took us out for our walk and we didn’t behave very well.  We were both pulling on our leads ‘cos we wanted to get to the place where we’d be let off for a play.  By the time we got home Ann was almost crying because she was in so much pain after walking two naughty dogs on their leads.  Obviously she wasn’t crying ‘cos she was trying to be brave!  She gave us our breakfast and then went back to bed.  Then she had to go out for a couple of hours, came home, and went to bed again.  Obviously I lay in the bedroom with her.  Ozzy was in good boy mode and just lay in his own bed quietly.

This afternoon Ann said, ‘Molly, where can we go that I don’t have to have you on your leads at all?  I don’t have the strength to hold you both’.

............So off we went to Tehidy Woods where it’s pretty much flat walking and we could be off lead the whole time.  We walked & ran for about an hour and a half and then we took Ozzy home.  But even driving was painful for Ann.  So when we got home, she went to bed again?!!!

She’s just googled, ‘How do I know if I have a cracked rib?’  And doesn’t think she has; because she’s not having difficulty breathing????

However, the fact still remains that she has a very sore right leg, a very sore right arm & shoulder, and some sort of problem with her ribs on the right side??????

She’s off out tonight to see 'BLOOZE', the greatest band in St Ives, so is hoping a bottle glass of wine will anesthetise the pain. LOL!  


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