Lily Pad Dragon

Not feeling great owing to my sore throat and cough but I paid a short visit to Amwell Nature Reserve this afternoon. I intended to sit in a hide and shoot birds but had my head turned by dragonflies. I spent ages trying to capture a hawker-like, very bright blue one in the dragonfly area. It hawked back and forth but never hovered so I only managed one in-flight shot.

On the way to the hide another was hawking around lily pads. This did hover momentarily and I got quite a few shots. I was joined by lovely Nancy dog, a Pug/Boston Terrier. I threw sticks into the lake which she retrieved snortingly. I asked her mistress if she knew of the Stevie Smith poem O! Pug.

This got me thinking. I've been feeling a bit Pad, Pad today.

I always remember your beautiful flowers
And the beautiful kimono you wore
When you sat on the couch
With that tigerish crouch
And told me you loved me no more.

What I cannot remember is how I felt when you were unkind
All I know is, if you were unkind now I should not mind.
Ah me, the power to feel exaggerated, angry and sad
The years have taken from me. Softly I go now, pad pad. 

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