Dear Diary,

Nearly every day I have to rescue some insect that has flown into the greenhouse through one of the open windows and can't get out.  This butterfly was perched on a window just inches away from freedom but couldn't see it.  It fluttered helplessly on the glass, seeing where it wanted to be but unable to reach it.

This seems to be the case with most bees and birds that find themselves trapped in the greenhouse.  I keep a small pot to gently capture them so I can take them to the open window and release them.

Perhaps it is my current "low key" mood but this little butterfly seemed to resonate with me.  Traps are often illusions.  We simply have to change our perspective to discern a way out.  Sometimes, however, it takes someone else to show us the "open window" and we mustn't be too proud (or too stubborn) to follow their advice.

ps.  Just discovered that this butterfly is an Arctic Fritillary (Boloria chariclea, Schneider, 1794).  It is a bit rare this far south in Maine so I am glad I was able to rescue it.

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