Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Tiny Tuesday: Thai miniature vegetables

I'm beginning to get the hang of these themes for the days. Got home from a good day at work to find G has had a mega sort out again - but this time in my domain i.e. the CDs and stereo! It didn't go down quite so well with me and I wonder how long I'll have to look before I find some albums. 8-|

As there is so much tidying up being done, I decided to do my two-penny worth and finally dusted the glass wall unit. It houses the few bits of souvenirs we've got as there is a definite plan (since 1996) not to buy any dust collectors.

On the last shelf, I found these little beauties. Still in their original wrapper and not a souvenir but a curio from a Global Village trip from a few years ago. This picture is pretty much SOOC. Just some slight cropping. I was thrilled when I worked out how to bring out the detail in the vegetables by making an adjustment on the camera (underexposed by two stops). I felt like a real photographer! :D

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