By pensionspoet

Waggon & Horses Lane, Norwich

I sat with Henry waiting for yet another late bus - but at least it came! Frustrating because today of all days I had hoped to get to work earlier for various reasons.

Once at work I'd already got that frustrated feeling that I wasn't going to get everything done. I will focus on the positives though - I managed to do the post & scanning, my laptop was installed and I was one of the lucky ones who had no trouble accessing all my old documents etc.

I stayed until 5.30 to do my first ever 'late' shift. Not very late by my old work standards, so I was fine with it & got home just after 6.30.

I struggled for a photo, but this I took from the top of the bus. I was intrigued by the narrowness! I couldn't find any info online, but I can see there is a plaque on the wall, so will have to check it out.

Cooked a chicken sweet and sour, did some ironing & ordered some Tesco reward vouchers ready for our holiday in the Isle of Wight now we are on a budget big time. At least we will get a meal out of the tent one night & two places to visit courtesy of Tesco.

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