Peace And Quiet

You might think the crashing water in a waterfall would be noisy, but no! 

We had to get out of the house. My neighbours have spent a lot of money on home improvements over the years, and their property is really nice, but there was more to be done.I had sat working at the computer with website software from 9am. The workmen at their house began at about 8am. Apart from a short break for lunch then had been using a pebble-dash remover on the wall continually. I could feel vibrations through the door handles.

By 3pm the noise got to me and I suggested we go out and get a blip. With cameras, tripods, flasks crisps and novels, we set off for Aira Force and enjoyed some quiet time in the car park. We had a cuppa and a quiet read before we headed to the falls.

The bird song was lovely and the sound of the water was refreshing. Because the steps to the fall collapsed a few years ago time had been spent reconstructing them. I got a view of the falls I had never had before as the path was re-routed.

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