This Is The Day...

...and this is the chair where the Mother will spend some of her time. We brought her favourite comfort blanket to adorn it.

The District nurses came at hell o'clock, but we had told them to. I had unlocked the door at 5 so that they could come in and waken me, if necessary. The Mother's legs seemed ever so slightly less swollen and the drier bandages suggested this.

Kat came to say goodbye before she headed home. She has been just fantastic!

So, in the morning we checked that we had enough clothing packed and in the afternoon we packed her DVDs and books. then, at 2 pm, we were ready to roll. We took 2 cars so that The man could come home and leave me as long as necessary. 4.5 hours! The staff were very nice, very caring.

We met an ex-resident of the village who invited The Mother to sit at her table for meals, a lovely lady I have known for years. Great!

My journal recently has been only about The Mother, and so it should be. I am instrumental in all this. I can't help feeling bad, and very sad. Though I have had such wonderful support. Thank you.

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