Lightning & Asia

Now why can't they get along?
Just kidding, they do. 

Sometimes Asia will jump up on the couch or bed and sit right next to the kitten, who isn't really a kitten anymore, at 1 year. But we still call him that. He still acts like one! I am going to really miss Lightning for the 3 weeks we are gone. But I have found a good place for him where he has room to move & jump & look out windows, so it will have to be. I think I will bring the scratching post Steve made to his kitty resort. Lightning uses it all the time and even sleeps on the base of it! 

This was yesterdays only picture and now I am caught up. Just in time as there is no promise of internet access while we are traveling! Work backwards to see who I spent my Saturday with and some other beautiful blooms . . . I've added a few journal entries as of late. Hope to back later today! 

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